• It's easy to use, portable & lightweight - magic blackout blinds are perfect for use at home, at work & on holiday.
  • Magic blackout blind sheets are easy to tear off & can be cut to fit most standard window sizes with 10 sheets on a roll.
  • Magic blackout blind sticks to any window or glass without tape, glue or bluetac using static. It's magic!
  • The quick, easy & cheap temporary window blackout blind covering
  • Magic blackout blind easily peels off to use again.
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Watch the 1 minute demo - how to fit?

Magic Blackout Blind is a quick and easy way to blackout windows - the only blackout blinds to stop all light. Magic Blackout Blinds are recommended by the Sunday Times Travel Section, Which magazine & Good Housekeeping.

Use in bedrooms at home and as a travel blackout blind when on holiday.

Magic Blackout blind is a temporary blackout window covering that stops all light even round the window edge. Magic Blackout Blinds can be used in bedrooms to stop unnecessary light. Magic Blackout Blinds can be used as a travel blackout blind and are quick and easy to fit.

Traditional blackout blinds don't stop all the light, Magic Blackout Blinds cling to your windows right up to the window edge and Magic Blackout Blind stops all light.

Magic Blackout Blinds are ideal travel blackout blinds for taking on holiday. Magic Blackout Blind will stop children waking up at 5am in the morning. Magic Blackout Blinds can also be used on light summer evenings to help children get to sleep early evening when it is still light outside.

Simply tear off a sheet of Magic Blackout Blind place on window, you can cut to size using scissors. You can reuse Magic Blackout Blind. Magic Blackout Blind leaves no marks on the glass, simply peel off Magic Blackout Blinds and resuse.

Magic Blackout Blind is a temporary blackout blind that allows you to blackout windows quickly and easily and require no tools to fit.

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