Sleep well on holiday with portable blackout blinds

Our 5 top tips for better sleep on your summer holiday

1/ Jet lag – if you’re travelling long haul, try and catch up on sleep during the flight ✈ so you aren’t exhausted when you arrive.

2/ Change in time zones ⌚ can affect sleep patterns. Try and adjust to your new night time from the first night.

3/ Increased light may lead to early waking –blackout blinds will allow you to stay asleep until you’re ready to wake up

4/ Try to get regular sleep – yes even on holiday it’s still important to get some sleep! ? Kids especially need to keep to some kind of sleep routine. Use blackout blinds in your room for afternoon naps if needed.

5/ Get back to your normal routine. As soon as you come home you need to get back into your normal sleeping routine to allow your body to adjust to being back home as quickly as possible.

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More sleep for all the family

Our disposable Magic Blackout travel blinds are perfect for holidays away:
  • Minimise early waking by blocking out the morning sunlight.
  • Make the room dark instantly when you’re ready to sleep at night.
  • Stick on and peel off the blinds whenever you need them – reuse them every night.
  • The blinds are environmentally friendly – recycle them when you’re finished and make more space in your luggage for souvenirs!

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