Discover: Nursery Blackout Blinds

Does the light prevent your baby from sleeping?

Magic Blackout Blind is a nursery blackout blind that will help you and your baby get a great nights sleep. They say you should sleep when your baby sleeps, which is easier said than done when daylight is peeping through the curtains.

Whilst it is important to be exposed to a certain amount of natural light to set our internal body clocks, there is nothing more frustrating than being woken by a sleeping baby 👶 simply because the early summer morning sunshine has disturbed their sleep.

😴💤 Magic Blackout Blinds create instant darkness so parents can quickly darken any bedroom by putting the blackout blinds sheets on the windows.

If daylight or streetlights outside your window are preventing your baby from sleeping properly, Magic Blackout Blind 🛌 is the quick and easy solution you have been waiting for.

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Baby sleeping

Why use our nursery blackout blinds?

Convenient, lightweight and easy to use, Magic Blackout Blind is the perfect way to block out the light of those long summer evenings and will make nap times a breeze, no matter what time your child prefers to fall asleep.

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You’ll love using our nursery blackout blind and travel blackout blinds for many reasons, including:

Stops all light, even around the window edges

Quick and easy to fit

Clings to window and glass using just static

Leaves no marks on the glass

Can be used with or without curtains

Easy to peel off and reuse

Please note that Magic Blackout Blind is for temporary use only and should not be placed on windows permanently.