Discover: Blackout Blind benefits

Who can benefit from Magic Blackout Blinds?

Everyone can benefit from magic blackout blinds! Use them at home and at work.

They are light and easily portable so you can even take them on holiday with you. Find out more.

  • Light sleepers / Insomniacs
  • Babies and young children 👶
  • Shift workers who need to sleep during the day 🛌🌤
  • Migraine sufferers
  • Those affected by light pollution
  • Anyone who needs to rest during the day
  • Get a good night’s sleep on holiday ✈
  • Anyone in rented accommodation – no permanent fixings needed
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Magic Blackout Blinds in your Workplace

Magic Blackout Blinds aren’t just for the home. They are lightweight, transportable and leave no trace when removed making them the perfect solution to block out unwanted light in the workplace.

The sheets are statically charged – simply place them onto the window then peel off when you’re done. Store them on a flat surface to reused again and again.

In fact, these award-winning blinds can be used every day for six to eight weeks! See other questions.

Here are some ways you can use Magic Blackout Blinds in the workplace:

  • In Schools – teachers can darken the classroom to better see projectors and interactive whiteboards
  • Photographers – block out unwanted light
  • AV companies / film makers – control the light in the room

Buy cheap, reusable blackout blinds from only £20 per roll* – buy online today!

*when purchasing four rolls

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You’ll love using our nursery blackout blind and travel blackout blinds for many reasons, including:

Stops all light, even around the window edges

Quick and easy to fit

Clings to window and glass using just static

Leaves no marks on the glass

Can be used with or without curtains

Easy to peel off and reuse

Please note that Magic Blackout Blind is for temporary use only and should not be placed on windows permanently.