Award-winning window shades

Magic Blackout Blinds are so simple to use you can take them anywhere!

Magic Blackout Blinds are statically charged which means the sheet will stick to windows without needing any tape, bluetac or glue.

The blind will fit any window: just cut to size with scissors and you’re ready to go. Just smooth on and peel off as needed. Buy temporary blackout blinds here.

Award-winning travel blinds and travel blackout blinds

Magic Blackout Blinds are light and easy to transport weighing just 600g a roll – take them with you wherever you go.

  • Holidays abroad
  • Hotels
  • Visiting friends and family
  • In the workplace
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The best disposable blinds in the UK

The blackout blind sheets are for temporary use ONLY. They aren’t designed to be applied permanently. They will stick to the glass using static charge and can be easily peeled off again.

Environmentally friendly product

The blinds can be reused daily for six to eight weeks. When you are finished with them you can recycle them along with your household plastics.

The best blackout blinds for nurseries and children’s bedrooms

Magic Blackout Blinds are perfect for use on normal single glazed or double glazed windows, blocking out 100% of all light from the sun or streetlights outside. See what else you need for a nursery.

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Magic Blackout Blind 10 Roll pack
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