Discover: Travel Blackout Blinds

Worried about sleeping when you’re away from home?

Travel Blackout Blinds from Magic Blackout Blind will help you get a good nights sleep on holiday and when travelling.

Even though you might feel more relaxed 😎 because you are on holiday, the stresses of getting your family and, in particular, young children to sleep in an unfamiliar setting can sometimes ruin the fun. 🎒 What should you pack whilst travelling?

No longer do you have to find a blanket to throw over the window, or fret about the presence of curtains or proximity to streetlights before booking your accommodation.

Wherever you are travelling and whatever accommodation you choose – from cottage to caravan, log cabin to mobile home, 😴💤 Magic Blackout Blind will bring the solitude of night time to your rooms 🛌, whatever the time of day.

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Why take our travel blackout blinds on holiday?

Convenient and lightweight, Magic Blackout Blind has been designed to go with you, wherever you travel.

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Here’s why we think you’ll love holidaying with our portable travel blackout blinds:

Portable and lightweight – only 600 grams

Comes in a convenient 8-metre long roll – just tear off a few sheets and put in your luggage

Can also be used on car windows as a sunshade

Stops all light, even around the window edges

Quick and easy to fit

Clings to window and glass using just static

Leaves no marks on the glass

Please note that Magic Blackout Blind is for temporary use only and should not be placed on windows permanently.