4 baby sleep essentials

Getting baby to sleep can be a challenge, especially in the early months.

Buy these 4 essential items for your baby’s nursery to help your little one get to sleep whatever time of day or night it is. Click here to see our nursery checklist.

1/ Mums love award-winning Magic Blackout Blinds

Newborns particularly have an erratic sleep schedule. Help your baby sleep through the night with blackout blinds. Blocking out light with blackout shades and curtains can help your infant fall asleep whether it’s nap time or night time. Find out about nursery blackout blinds.

Our removable magic blackout blinds are perfect for nurseries as they can be applied to windows when needed and peeled off with ease.

You can reuse them daily for 6 to 8 weeks making them a cost effective solution. See our safety information.

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2/ A comfortable cot or crib

Choose a cot or a moses basket for the first few months. It’s generally recommended for your baby to sleep in the same room as you for the first six months.

There are many different options available for all budgets including travel and carry cots which should last until toddler age. All new cots will adhere to the EU’s safety regulations for your peace of mind.

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3/ Bedding: sheets and blankets

Ideally buy a new mattress for your baby with new fitted sheets. It’s important to keep your baby at the right temperature; cellular blankets are perfect as they can be layered up.

Choose a variety of different sheets and blankets and keep them handy.

4/ A baby monitor

A baby monitor is for you to keep with you when you leave your sleeping baby so you can hear any sounds or cries.

Many parents find it reassuring to have a monitor to listen out for their infant, so you can be in another room while baby is asleep.

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