Magic Blackout Blind compared to Gro Blind

Magic Blackout Blind and the Gro Blind, Gro Anywhere Blind, Gro Blackout Blind are designed to solve the same problem.

To blackout light so that children and parents get more sleep. If you are undecided which to buy then watch the video and compared the differences in the table below.

Here is a quick summary of the differences between the Magic Blackout Blind and Gro Blind.

Magic Blackout Blind Gro Blind / Gro Anywhere Blind
DARKNESS Guaranteed to stop all light – even around window edges May let in some light around edges
FIT Fits the window exactly – cut to size using scissors Blind is one size. Looks odd on large windows
APPLICATION Clings to window using static. Leaves no marks Sticks to window using suctions cups. They sometimes become loose and blind falls off in night
SIZE/WEIGHT Easy to carry and pack – weights 0.5kg A bit bulky to carry
QUANTITY Enough blackout blind to cover 5 double windows One size

Magic Blackout Blind 10 Roll pack

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Magic Blackout Blind, As Seen on TV

Watch Oprah Winfrey Review Magic Blackout Blind & other blackout blinds. Magic Blackout Blind recommended by Oprah Winfrey and the only blackout blind to stop all light.

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