Magic Blackout Blinds improve sleep

While the lighter mornings and evenings can be great for our social lives, they can be very bad for our quality of sleep.

Our bodies have an inbuilt alarm clock that sees us rise with the sun and sleep when it’s dark, but in summer, the longer days can make cramming in our eight hours all the more difficult. Blackout blinds can dramatically increase the quality of your sleep, making you more energetic and rested for the day. We’ve got the rundown of the uses and benefits of blackout blinds here.

Who could benefit from blackout blinds?

Magic Blackout blinds aren’t just useful for those struggling with the effects of daylight savings and the longer days and lighter mornings, blackout blinds are used year-round for a variety of reasons:

  • Restless sleepers/insomniacs
  • Shift/night workers who sleep during the day
  • Babies and children who rest during the day
  • Migraine sufferers
  • Those affected by light pollution (streetlights etc)

How do blackout blinds improve sleep?

Blackout blinds create a completely dark environment to sleep in, eliminating the possibility of light pollution or stimuli creating a distraction that prevents you from getting to sleep.

A dark environment is also in line with the body’s natural clock, so will help you drift off into a natural slumber without the need for pharmaceuticals.

Another great benefit of blackout blinds is the sound reduction qualities – blackout blinds can help eliminate outside noise disruptions, allowing you to rest quietly, no matter the time of the day.

Blackout blinds are really a great option for those of you struggling to rest, no matter the reason. The reduced sound and light pollution and the insulation of the material creates the perfect sleeping environment every time and can help your body re-establish a natural sleeping pattern.

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