Just tear it and stick it - peel off and reuse

Quick & Easy to Fit - Tear it & Stick It


convenient 8 metre roll

Easy to use, portable & lightweight - perfect for use at home, at work & on holiday
  • Temporary window blackout covering on a roll
  • Incredibly simple to fit. No mess, no fuss
  • Use with or without blinds or curtains


10 perforated A1 sheets
on a roll

Sheets are easy to tear off & can be cut to fit most standard window sizes
  • Each sheet measures 60cm x 80cm, 24" x 32"
  • Available in plain matt black
  • Easily cut to size with scissors, if required
  • Enough to cover 5 standard double windows


using static to any
hard flat surface

Sticks to any window or glass without tape, glue or bluetac. It's magic!
  • Sticks magically to windows & glass using static
  • No tools required
  • Leaves no marks on glass
  • Use on summers nights in children’s bedrooms to blackout light


easily peels off
to use again!

The quick, easy & cheap temporary window blackout covering
  • Keeps daylight out of rooms
  • Helps you get a good night’s sleep
  • Easy to fit, easy to remove when not required
  • Peels off glass & can be reused
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